Grains of sand
Through a shallow hour glass.
Tears unshed will fill the bottom long before
I open my eyes to realise what was lost

So long underwater I’ve learnt to breathe in it
To end my association with existence
And begin a new one with the pavement
Introduced by my good friend gravity
It’s not that I want to die
It’s just I don't want to live

And even then they try to bend
The truth it is so relative
Save the dark and hate the rest
When choices are less obvious

Momentary happiness
Of moments future spent
I know they won't transpire
No matter what words passed our lips
It was just air and noise
Indistinguishable from the let down of reality

Another thought
Another immortal intermission in the screenplay of my life
My memory's projection begins to lose its focus
When I've seen this film a thousand times before
Holding hands with ghosts
You don't have to die to be dead
At least not to me

Euthanise my darkest fears
For even they can’t find me here
Sew my eyes and saw my limbs
I won’t be needing them again

In the lost and found again
The found are lost when we pretend
Let the dark absolve our sins
It’s the fear that keeps them in


from Drowning In A Wishing Well, released December 23, 2011



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Drowning In A Wishing Well Hamilton, New Zealand

Drowning In A Wishing Well is an alternative rock band from Hamilton, New Zealand.

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