Now gaze upon the empty room.
No light will enter here.
My conscious is a phantom limb;
A mind that’s full of fear.

Keep quiet while the colors fade.
Sheets keep me out of sight.
A perfect martyr of myself;
Both rabbit and the light.
Amputate my lungs
I have no need to breathe in
Underwater you won’t feel the rain.
Dissolve in the art of your hate

Torn blinds oppose encroaching days
And days they’re all the same.
Invent a meaning for the lives we lead
Its leading me astray

The apparitions of my past
Haunt sleep and in between.
Fallen short of expectation,
When life is your disease.

Hang the noose
Around my soul
Kick out the chair
And let me go
Let me go

Saw off my limbs
Sew shut my sins
And watch me slip away


from Drowning In A Wishing Well, released December 23, 2011



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Drowning In A Wishing Well Hamilton, New Zealand

Drowning In A Wishing Well is an alternative rock band from Hamilton, New Zealand.

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