Drowning In A Wishing Well

by Drowning In A Wishing Well

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This is our first release, recorded at home over a period of about a year and a half.


released December 23, 2011

Vocals // Jade Browne
Guitar, Bass, Production // Jordan Browne



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Drowning In A Wishing Well Hamilton, New Zealand

Drowning In A Wishing Well is an alternative rock band from Hamilton, New Zealand.

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Track Name: Distancing
Obsolete and orphaned
Quite obviously tamed
By the let down of the daylight
The false promise it made

There’s no conciliation
Neon synastry a guise
So sit back and enjoy
The soundtrack to our pure demise

Would you rather live a fiction
Counterfeit and fake?
Plastic faces won't redeem
The meaning they erase
Bleeding out ink to put on a page
Create emotion we won’t attain.

We are so connected
By this distance in between
Ourselves and our portrayals
Of who we think we want to be

Isn't it so lovely
Lovelessly in denial
Cardboard cut out corpses
Rot beneath vanilla skies

If only I could capture
This ocean in between
A self prescribed depression
And a pseudo suffered apathy
Torturing our sorrow
Torturing ourselves
Paint a pretty portrait
And live like you're not someone else

Stage fright from the daylight
Of your mediocre life
Don’t stop to think of your life’s worth
When worthless is your life.
Track Name: A Beautiful Existence
Now gaze upon the empty room.
No light will enter here.
My conscious is a phantom limb;
A mind that’s full of fear.

Keep quiet while the colors fade.
Sheets keep me out of sight.
A perfect martyr of myself;
Both rabbit and the light.
Amputate my lungs
I have no need to breathe in
Underwater you won’t feel the rain.
Dissolve in the art of your hate

Torn blinds oppose encroaching days
And days they’re all the same.
Invent a meaning for the lives we lead
Its leading me astray

The apparitions of my past
Haunt sleep and in between.
Fallen short of expectation,
When life is your disease.

Hang the noose
Around my soul
Kick out the chair
And let me go
Let me go

Saw off my limbs
Sew shut my sins
And watch me slip away
Track Name: Isolation
Where best friends are strangers
You had it all
Now you’re alone
All sense of feeling
Shows little reason
Reasons why
We’re alive

Do you know who you are?
Isolate your heart.

Feeding on secrets
That aren’t worth keeping
At least you’re free
Free in a cage.
Just keep believing
That there is a reason
Reasons why,
You’re alive.

Do you know who you are?
Isolate your heart.

Track Name: Shards
Blinded by the colour
Envisioned in another’s dream.
Black and white charades
This endless masquerade
The mask becomes your complexion.

Tell me is this real?
I can't recall my name
A ghost inside a mirror
Left to disintegrate

Perfect for the frame.
Hung up in another's place.
Imprinted on the iris
To kill what’s left inside us.
Perceive a perfect paradise in vain.

Head down
It’s safer in the shade
By the monoliths we made

Dead upon arrival
I think I'll stay a while
So happy
It’ll turn to apathy in a day

This moment is just enough to keep me up for now
This moment is just enough to keep me up for now
The ghosts in the mirror no longer speak
When this machine pretends to breathe
Track Name: Valhalla
Angels on the high rise
Waiting for the next in line
The lines become so long
The crowd below will break your fall

Too tired for this art
Too bare to bear these feelings
A cold abyss of comfort
A place where nothing matters at all.
Pyre on the water turn to dust before I drown

A wish to fall
Not to change the world
Rearrange who you thought you were
The eyes below stare back at me
Surrender to this gravity

Too tired for this art
Too bare to bear these feelings
A cold abyss of comfort
A place where nothing matters
Pyre on the water turn to dust before I drown
So cold inside a fire
Tell me who is sorry now
Who is sorry now?
Track Name: Carved Happiness
Carved out happiness
Wake me from this lullaby tonight
Dreaded memories never seem to fade
Isolate the day when dreams come to life

Carved out happiness
Carved out on my wrist
Carved out happiness
To satisfy the demons from within your fragile mind
Craving your soul and your life
Carved out happiness

Choking on your thoughts
Can’t abandon these fantasies that haunt
Darkest lights become your brightest of days
Illusions just enslave when nightmares come to life

And where our hearts should rest
I carve these words into my chest
This blade reflects all we’ve ever known
As the blood drips to the floor
The blood drips to the floor
The blood drips to the floor
Track Name: Dead Air
Justified solutions
To the problems we create
Live in atrophy sublime
As we feign to imitate.

Corrupted or enlightened,
Delude the dreamers they
Fabricate these saviours
To believe they can be saved

In this
This dead air
Pieces of myself
The pieces I leave here

In this
Why do I always choose
The hardest way to lose
We're not out of Kansas yet

Your false enthusiasm
So completely underwhelms
A pseudo optimism
Only disappoints yourself

Encapsulate emotion
In a drug that we can take
Illusion of elation
To believe a truth so fake
Track Name: The Fear
Grains of sand
Through a shallow hour glass.
Tears unshed will fill the bottom long before
I open my eyes to realise what was lost

So long underwater I’ve learnt to breathe in it
To end my association with existence
And begin a new one with the pavement
Introduced by my good friend gravity
It’s not that I want to die
It’s just I don't want to live

And even then they try to bend
The truth it is so relative
Save the dark and hate the rest
When choices are less obvious

Momentary happiness
Of moments future spent
I know they won't transpire
No matter what words passed our lips
It was just air and noise
Indistinguishable from the let down of reality

Another thought
Another immortal intermission in the screenplay of my life
My memory's projection begins to lose its focus
When I've seen this film a thousand times before
Holding hands with ghosts
You don't have to die to be dead
At least not to me

Euthanise my darkest fears
For even they can’t find me here
Sew my eyes and saw my limbs
I won’t be needing them again

In the lost and found again
The found are lost when we pretend
Let the dark absolve our sins
It’s the fear that keeps them in
Track Name: A Wish To End The World
We could all pretend that everything is perfect here
Would you rather live a lie or a life of fear?
Tell me what it’s like to look through vacant eyes
A one way mirror with nothing more behind.

And if I'm gonna go I think I’d rather know this time.

All my hopes are coming true
As I enjoy the view from this cliff.
Pray to your executioner
But you cannot be heard from behind this veil.

It’s safer to fail than try

I think I'd like to send a message to the optimist
It written in a truth that you can't comprehend.
It’s a disillusioned daydream with a death wish for a life.
The writings on the of the walls of the blind

This profit over people is enough to let me know.
I'm a number in the system, I'm a nameless faithless soul
Take my hand and stare with me into my crystal ball.
What's the point in rising up when you know you’re gonna fall?

And now as I disappear
Overshadowed by the fear of knowing the truth.
Flames caress this empty shell of a lifeless living hell to exit existence.
Holding the threads of life.